About Me

Hi, I’m Rachael Lalji

I’m a proud mother of three. A ( not so wifey) wife, fashion, lifestyle and travel lover and a complete fitness junkie.

I currently live in London , England with my gorgeous husband Shak and our three little poppets Jasmine (5) , Thandie (2) and Paris ( 1)

I trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and left there at the age of 19 with a recording contract as part of a 6 piece girl/boy group called Boom! After a string of chart successes we  decided to call it a day in 2001 and thats when i took a different direction into modelling , backing dancing and body doubling

Touring the world with a number of artists including Britney Spears , Christina Aguilara , Pink and of course my fav Kylie really gave me the travel bug and a passion for all things luxe!!!

Somehow i ended up residing in the Bahamas  where i met my husband who swept me off my feet and  i thought life as i knew it was about to change forever ……….. but i didn’t know just quite how much until ………

skip 12 months …

we’re on one of our 6 weekly vacations  – this time it’s LA  ( one of my fav places ).

Over a sushi dinner we came up with the crazy idea to road trip to Vegas the next day and get married……….

Ands thats exactly what we did!!!!!

In my head we’d  spend the next few years travelling the world 1st class , dinning at the best restaurants , staying at the top hotels  – married life would be a dream


2 hours into married life ……. 2 became 3!!!!!!!

I wasn’t ready for kids!!!!! I wasn’t ready to give up my dreams , give up my life , my ways , my travelling , my little luxuries. I mean everyone who’s anyone had already told me this is what has to and does happen when you have babies!!!!!!!!!

fear!!!!!!!!! and then ……….. excitement! 

It was then we made the consious decision to not let this baby change us but to let the blessing of a child help us and push us to fulfil our dreams and goals even more! together as a family!

Fast forward 5 years  – our 1 baby is now 3 babies – our family of 2 is now the luxe family 5!!!!!!

And guess what?????????

we’re still travelling the world ,we’re  still staying in the best hotels , and  we’re still eating in amazing restaurants because we we decided to do it with the kids!!!!!!

 So ….what do we want from our blog????

we want to document our memories and daily life as a family and share them with you

we want to inspire families to do the same

we want to give families the confidence to travel and experience the wonderful things we do by giving information , travel hacks, and through word of mouth recommendations as and when we visit places

If we can inspire just 1 family then this is all worth it

Ill be posting lots of blogs / blogs and info , covering everything from home life to luxury  days out products and travel so keep checking in

We can’t wait for you to join us on our journey

kisses Rach , Shak , Jasmine , Thandie and Paris xxxxxxx

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