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Have you ever just sat and scrolled through Instagram stalking those beautiful mummies. You know the ones , 4 kids in tow holding it together like super glue . Calm , collected and beautifully presented.

Perfect hair , nails and make- up  looking like they just stepped out of a shoot for vogue . The ones that get to school 10 minutes early just to report the morning school run on their instagram feeds

Yup me too!!!

All thats going through your mind is how the hell do these girls look so good so early in the morning ??? It takes me 3 hours to leave the house with nothing more than a top knot and active wear to show for my efforts and here they are with brows that would make kim kardashian jealous.

What is their secret???

You see before having kids this Instagram perfection was my reality (yes lets all stop and have a little chuckle together !!!)


Now after 3 babies –  please note while this looks very nice i had to turn our backs as all 3 of them were screaming ……….. Just a standard day …….

I mean lets face it . Instagram has a lot to answer for giving us mummies such a false hope of reality. Little did i know that in-house hair and make -up doesn’t come with babies.  The reality of the morning school run is far from instagram strong!!!!

So here we are  – It’s 6am  on a monday morning and i’m rudely awoken from my broken slumber by the sound of alarm bells .  I’m debating wether to press snooze but know that that if i’m not up and ready before the 1st of the 3 little poppets wakes its game over and  apparently turning up to school in your pyjamas just isn’t acceptable in Hertfordshire

So how do these mummies do it???????



Mummies who have it sorted. It’s all about maximum glam with minimum effort and in that we’re talking semi permanent make-up. This perfect look takes less than 5 minutes in the morning. Its all about waking up, a quick dash of lip gloss and blush and these girls are ready to go


Sounds amazing doesn’t it???? and it is…

So when i got a call from a gorgeous friend of mine Jessica Pover , mummy of 2 , owner of beauty heaven in Chesthunt , hertfordshire and semi permanent make -up guru asking me to come in and try some new techniques how could i say no ????

Jessica is a master of her trade and has recently expanded her clinic into both a make up bar and a cosmetic clinic offering many services from botox and fillers to the ever ready muumy look , semi permamnat make-up.

I’m here today to have my eyebrows and lips tattooed using a new technique called Ombre and after seeing Jessicas previous work I’m super excited to  say the least.

Upon my arrival i’m met by a cheery and super friendly receptionist who hands me all the relevant forms to fill in and asks me to take a seat . The clinic is busy and obviously very popular with a number of girls ( some of whom i recognise from various programs ) waiting eagerly, faces covered in numbing cream .

( yes this is real tattooing so I’m happy to see the use of a numbing cream )


Jessica makes you feel comfortable from the start and after a consultation discussing colours and shapes of my lips and eyebrows i settle down on the bed and the procedure begins


So first is my lips. Ive gone for a nude blush ombre lip where Jessica tells me she’ll shade my lips to give the impression of plumpness…. (at this point I’m channelling Angelina Jolie)

Altogether the lip procedure takes between 90 and 120 minutes and while not being completely pain free is actually quite manageable. Throughout the tattooing more numbing gel is applied and I’m totally thrilled and slightly relieved when after just over an hour we’re done. My lips look quite red and swollen but I’m told this is to be expected and that the swelling with subside quickly after the procedure. Im left with a pinkish stain to my lips that I’m told that it will go crusty and fall off over the next few days where after ill be left with a beautiful nudist lip stain



So now its onto my eyebrows. After years of over plucking and botox i’ve been left with thin high arched brows and I’m desperate for a lowered thicker brow which Jessica says she can achieve no problem. After pencilling them in and deciding on the final shape the tattooing begins. I’m having  a mixture of micro blading and the more commonly used machine to achieve a natural shaded brow.

Surprisingly this is nowhere near as uncomfortable as my lip procedure and is over in 30 mins.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my results and can’t wait to see the final results which I’m told will take unto 4 weeks to see. Im given a pot of vaseline and aftercare instructions and off i go


Whilst this is defiantly not for the faint hearted and can be quite pricey (lips £200 -£350 and eyebrows £250 -£350) i can’t recommend Jessica and her team highly enough.

Make sure you pop back later in the week when we’ll be uploading a video of Jessica performing my treatments and i’ll be updating you on my healing progress

For more info and contact Jessica for any questions and appointments

Beauty Heaven
Cheshunt Centre
High Street Cheshunt
En6 oaj



Thank you so much to all the team at Beauty Heaven

xx Rach


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  1. Linda says:

    I can totally relate! I have a 3 month old and we literally take 2-3hrs before leaving the house, but I’ll not be fully ready. You look so pretty, I may go for that procedure too

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