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So here we are . It’s 2018. The year i turn 40 ( i mean how is this even happening!!!!) . The year i have a mid life crisis , buy a ridiculous sports car and run off to to Costa Del Sol with a spanish waiter (cos thats what people in crisis do right?  ) and the year i make my name in the world of blogging …….

There i’ve put it out there.  You see I’ve read all this universe shizzle  – ask and its given , positive thinking , the secret and all that. This is going to be my year!!!! .. universe this is my year!!! ( holds hands up to sky and waits patiently for a reply! …. still waiting )

Ok I may be waiting a while so 1st i need to address my banging head .

Its 6am and I’m going to be truthfully honest i had this image of my waking up like a new woman with  goals , new ambitions and a want to go to the gym but really i feel no different than i did 6 hours ago back in 2017. Saying that I’m going to start afresh and  embrace this new year .

First i need to get rid of this thumping head  tho.

Ahrrrrr good night was it ? i hear you shout. Well actually yes it was perfect if your perfect is movie night with the kids followed by bubble baths, champagne ,special cuddles and lights out by 10pm . I mean the real fun came much later in the night when the whole family decided to have a game of bed hopping which resulted in 5 in a bed and me being kicked in the face ending up with an ice pack in the spare room.  Welcome to the reality of 2018 !!! ….

Now I’m guessing this is the bit where i list all my new years resolutions right? And considering my only real resolution was to quit sugar ( because thats the new vegan don’t you know ) which I’ve just broken as i take back my 3rd sugary filled espresso of the morning  I’m kind of out of things to write .

Ok so I’ve fallen at the 1st hurdle but lets be honest new years resolutions to me are just more thing to make you feel shit as a mum . Just another thing to add to our daily growing list of failures . So  this year I’m promising myself 2 things . That ill work on my personal happiness and that ill be grateful for everything and one i have in my life and in turn ( according to the books ) this will give me everything i need and more ( sits and waits …….. )

Im all for cosmic wish lists anyway  – they’re far more fun don’t you think ? ( Apart from the time i convinced myself id won the euromillions and went on a crazy net- a -porter shopping spree only to realise the universe was still working on that one for me!!!)

Anyway what i really want to tell you today is that this year there will be change . Im opening up and embracing the good, the bad and all in-between and ill be documenting it daily in a diary type blog. For those who watch my stories you’ll know why. Ill be going behind the perfect , behind the instagram ,behind the filters and the taking of 100 pics to get that perfect 1  and sharing my struggles and triumps as a mummy of 3. Ill be sharing reviews  , travel ,hacks and every day life in the hope that it may relate to a percentage of you because lets face it this parenting thing is hard!!!

You see 2017 taught me a few things

1 – popularity doesn’t pay bills

2- Not everyone acting as your friend is your friend

3 – chasing happiness heals everything

4 – memoeries are the most precious gift you can give someone

5- worrying solves nothing


So with this in mind things I’m going to be doing in 2018

1- Turning 40! this is a definate!!!! theres no running from it i will be 40 before the end of this year!!!!

2 – Accepting that ill never be able to please everyone

3 – Choosing presence over presents ( its all about making memories )

4 – Working on my inner happiness and putting it first

5- Choosing t0 be grateful


And the things ill 100 percent not be doing this year  –

1 – Turning vegan

2  – Having nay more babies!!!!


Right lovelies i’ve got to shoot. Me and my pounding head are heading out to make our first family memory of 2018 . A trip to winter wonderland for a special family day they’ve put on. Its freezing . The kids will no doubt moan but I’m ready to make memories so off we go .

I hope to see and hear from you all along the way this year . If you like what you read please sign up in my subscription box below for money off offers and info and if theres topic you’d like me to touch on pls email and ask ( don’t worry i won’t be spamming you . In fact you’ll be lucky if you get 2 mails a month but I’m working on that!!!! )

Until tomorrow girls

lots of love Rach xxx



NB  –  note to the tomorrow me

1 – Unpack the damn holiday cases . They’re not going to do it themselves

2  – Attempt that 5k run . You’ll thank me for it !!!!!

3 – check your fit bit is working  . There’s no way you only walked 8k steps today!!!!!


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  1. Simon says:

    Brilliant rach

    40 this year life begins then well it did for me

    Personally I think you should apply for The Apprentice it would be a good laugh

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