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So last year i finally caved and joined the millions of mums and dads who after getting snuggled down into bed each night in December suddenly jump back out with the words ” damn the elf!!!! ”

So were well into the first week of December now and to be honest, as much as i hate the idea of creeping around the house each night trying to invent fun and interesting things for this plastic toy to do i also love the look on my children faces in the morning . There’s no doubt about it, these little toys are magical and actually since our little elves “Eden and Melody ” arrived last week my children have turned into the  politest well behaved children i could have ever have wished for  !!!!! (I have sneeky suspicion the elf actually maybe took my children and replaced them with 3 different little angels )

I hold my hands up , last year our elf displays ranged from , well pretty poor to quite spectacular if i don’t mind saying so myself depending on if i’d remembered to move the damn thing or not!!!!! Bu this year i’m on and and as committed as an exhausted mamma can be  ………

We don’t all have the time or energy to pull such works of art out of the bag daily so I’ve listed a few hassle free and easy ideas to keep you going unto Christmas . Ill be adding more as the month goes on but for now ……..



Enjoy everyone and don’t forget to check back tomorrow when i’ll be posting my fav xmas stocking fillers and children gift guide


Big kisses xxxxx Rach

  1 – The Arrival


2 – Cold in the fridge


3 – Sweetie jar attack


4- Treats from Mrs Clause


5 – Popcorn making fun


6 -Biscuit thief

7- Sweetie jar abseiling

8- yoga by candlelight

9- Love struck 


10- Hide and seek elf 

11 – drunk elf

12 – selfie elfie

14 – Teacher elf

15 – Very Naughty elf


16 – Elf in a bubble

17 – Sugar rush 


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