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So as i sit down to write about this  my phone pings. Nothing unusual but this message couldn’t come at a better time. You see i’ve had a picture of my baby taken down from a page. Not just any page  – a Facebook support page for mummies in business. A page where we support and cheer each other along knowing that mummy life is a struggle. Where we share pics and help each others media following by sharing content with each other. A page set up by ladies only for ladies only . A page full of mummies just like myself trying to do something in life apart from change nappies and wipe snotty noses all day long .

Let me add here as I try to figure out why a pic of my son playing alone on a beach in paradise would cause such offence ( apart from the fact its freezing and i may be rubbing it in some peoples faces that I’m sat on a hot sunny beach in pure luxury – yeah i get it ) my phone pings again.

Ok i’ve been banned from the group…… like banned forever! gone! dismissed – see ya later mamma  –

and the reason  – indecent content – Really????????????




What makes it ok to have a pic  of babies with their bottoms out ok’d for a national nappy campaign yet an innocent beach pic gets banned for indecency???? Wheres the line? Is there a line? and where do we stop????


So this brings me to the main topic  –

Are we too lax with what we share ? Should we be and are we unknowingly exploiting our kids on social media? Or are we all going too damn PC crazy and does the whole world need to take a breath and chill and just see it for what it is –


So heres the question


Now where I’m going with this is purely my opinion and I totally agree that everyone is entitled to theirs as well but for me this act of dismissal from the group has got my back up a bit.

You see for all of you looking in, it may look like I share my whole life with the world but the fact is I really don’t. For every 200 pics I take I share maybe 2 or 3 . For every 50 funny or cute incidents that happen in my life daily I maybe tell you about 2. I don’t just post anything. All of my posts are scanned and planned as I say …….

I have albums and albums of treasured memories that I keep just for us. Private memories  , memories that maybe only mean something to us as a couple or as a family. But I also feel I have some sort of ( and I use this in the loosest term ) duty to my followers ( ad many of you friends ) to share my little journey of motherhood and to maybe even inspire some of you along the way.

I feel comfortable putting pics of my kids up because i’m happy in the fact that I have a following of like minded genuine accounts and in all honestly the truth is I vet every single person who follows me. ( yup every single one of you ) Contrary to what it may look like in this crazy world of social media popularity i’m not about numbers . For me its never been a numbers game its about attracting the right audience who will appreciate my little life story.

Can you believe i’ve never been trolled once! ( well that’s a lie  – there was one time but it was an exes new girlfriend who had beef with me for some reason totally unbeknown to me. I mean an ex is an ex for a reason right ??? she was quite welcome to him !!! )

Anyway back to the point in hand . I’ve never been trolled because I check every single on of my followers out . I study every page and if there is something I don’t like or something that offends me I block!!!! Honestly you want to see my block list. It’s pages long lol!

Now I know my page is public so anyone can see my content and i’m not that naive to not know that many people hide behind fake accounts but for me right now I feel comfortable putting what I put out.

Never once have I felt like my children are being exploited or used for my gain. Never once has a bad or derogatory word been said about any of my children. Each day my feed and story messages are filled with love .

I feel like I protect my children to my best ability despite posting lots and lots of personal moments

But saying that would I feel differently if the case were different  ……


I’m also well aware that social media can be a horrid place! Keyboard warriors hide behind fake profiles ready to pounce. My best friend no longer puts her children faces online because of nasty comments said about her little girl. And she’s not an isolated case.  There’s many more friends and people i know who have experienced the same uncalled for trolling.

Are they right to block their children faces and withdraw from sharing to shelter them from these vile people ???? Absolutely yes!!!! and it’s saddens me . It’s so sad that this is happening but at the same time why would any mother put their child out in public if only to be bullied in such a way???

It would only take one bad word said against any of my children for me to stop posting . Period!!!!!

And on that note i’m going to sign off for the day. But before I go i’d love to know your thoughts?

Leave your comments below and i’ll get back to you all.

Until tomorrow lovelies

Rach xxx


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  1. Danniella Walsh says:

    Personally I think the world is far too PC over things that shouldn’t be! And banning you from a group for this is just a fantastic example of that although I personally think the reason lies more to the side of jealously!

  2. Cia Black says:

    I actually have two account, my personal and my media one. On my personal account everything is private, and Less than 200 friends, which are mostly family and close friends. My media account has no mention of my children’s names or photos. I like the separate accounts.

  3. Tennille M. says:

    I think it is pretty much up to the parents. I also believe posts can be tastefully displayed of children’s innocence, fun and antics. There are just people in the world that don’t agree or have other motives, unfortunately.

  4. Tenni says:

    I think it is pretty much up to the parents. I also believe posts can be tastefully displayed of children’s innocence, fun and antics. There are just people in the world that don’t agree or have other motives, unfortunately.

  5. Emily Terrell says:

    This is something that came up in conversation today actually. I’ve decided to remove all photos of my husband and children from social media. Some social sites have rights to use your photos as they see fit. Or you have people who are too easily offended that throw a fit and claim you are sharing something offensive. Easier to avoid if you don’t bother with it at all.

  6. Shell says:

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with that pic at all… it was simply an innocent photo of a day at the beach with a little one. Goodness gracious people need to relax and not be so upset by things that don’t merit their judgement…. and… don’t their little ones strip down at the beach?? When my boys were little I couldn’t keep clothes on them…. They would run towards the water and be down to their birthday suits before I could blink. I’m so sorry that group banned you !!!!

  7. EmpowerandHelp says:

    A question that is on mind of every parent, again we dont see as one answer that fits all. A decision that needs to be made by parents for well being of child and child’s future. Remember you are the parent

  8. Amanda says:

    If you are taking the time to check out every follower and you are doing your due diligence, then sure why not. For a child’s picture to be taken down in a mommie’s group that sounds a bit odd.

  9. Alaina Monster says:

    I share pictures of my kids on social media too. Sometimes when I snap a picture, my older kids ask me not to post it – and I respect that. It’s all about balance! Also, for the record, I see nothing wrong with that picture. All you can see is your kids back…

  10. Ithfifi says:

    I think it depends on both the parenting and the child as an indivual. I grew up without social media and I am really glad, I was bullied at school so home was my save haven away from that, I think if a parent wants to allow their child on social media its entirely in their right ONLY if they are 100% sure they know who is who, what their child is posting and what sort of things they are recieving and what they are able to view. I do see your point about babies bums being ok but a child’s bum not.. I can’t really offer any reasoning behind one being ok and another not :/ to completely exclude you in such a manner seems a little uncalled for, they could have discussed it with you or simply removed it rather than treating you in that manner.

  11. Deb B. says:

    This is a very good topic to discuss. I’ve been posting my daughter on my blog and on social media and only recently have I began to feel uneasy about it. I do not disclose her name and location, and I don’t put any photos or stories which may embarrass her in future. But someone is always going to say “something”. Usually people who “would never” post their kids, etc. etc… I like that you know your readers and are great at blocking trolls. I definitely need to do that soon. You’re so right – we’re only putting up a couple photos out of 600 other moments. We’re just giving glimpses. We just have to be cognizant of the potential dangers out there, and take the right steps to maintain our kiddos’ safety. Great post!

  12. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with posting their child on social media. Sometimes, I’ve been posting my kid’s photos doing a lot of things, and it’s up to parents. The wrong thing is, those who have little understanding. But we also limit the posting of our children in any social media.

  13. Nicole Flint says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with posting your child on social media! Especially when you’re sharing your child’s accomplishments and the extra curricular activities they are apart of!

  14. Sue Tanya Mchorgh says:

    Such a good topic and very relevant. I believe it should be up to the parents. I don’t have kids yet but when i do if i choose to post them on social media it would be tastefully.

  15. Karrie Frost says:

    Such an important issue for all parents. There has to be a happy medium between what we share and what we keep private. As much as want to believe that everyone is good, there are certainly people who don’t have the best of intentions.

    It’s a different world than the one we grew up in. The picture you shared is beautiful. It’s too bad that it has now become something other than what it should be. Which is a picture of a beautiful young boy having fun at the beach.

  16. Ellie Plummer says:

    This is a really interesting topic and something that can be quite controversial. I think people should be able to share their children on social media, however it is important to be wary.

  17. Emily Leary says:

    I think there’s a debate to be had around how much of our children we share on social media and one on what counts as indecent. In regards to the latter I think the photo you took is fine.

  18. mily jain says:

    I personally feel that we are taking offense too easily these days…It should be the choice of the parent whether or not they want to share the pictures of their kids..

  19. Nati says:

    This is a VERY interesting topic. I get that some facebook groups have strict rules, and that is because Facebook has very strict rules. But putting that incident aside, I am VERY concerned about exposing children (not only mine) to the internet and social media. In fact, I only rarely share pictures of my children. I have never been trolled in 5+ years of blogging, still, I feel is THEIR privacy, and as they are not able to express their thoughts conveniently and understand their rights, I, as the responsible person in charge, should decide for them. I have decided that is better for them remaining out of social media and have a private childhood, as I did. Am I wrong? maybe I am, but being a parent is difficult, we have to make choices and we can sometimes make mistakes!

  20. Elinor Hill aka Beach Hut Cook says:

    Oh poor you, what a shame to have your picture taken down and a ban from the group. Seems an over reaction and perhaps a little more to it on their part. You post what you like when you like. I’m sure you’re sentitive to your family’s needs anyway xx

  21. Elizabeth O says:

    So sorry to read you were banned from a group you really enjoyed! I believe in parenting by your OWN standards, what works for one doesn’t always work for all and I think we as mothers should understand and respect other peoples decisions on bringing up their own children. We should be supporting each other not tearing each other down!

  22. Ariel says:

    I definitely think sharing is great, but I prefer sharing in moderation. I do not have kids but I do have puppies. I love to share a few pictures of the puppies that way people see them over time. I am proud of having puppies. Just as I am sure you are proud of having kids! Share away! Thanks for sharing this!

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