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Hi lovely mammas

I’m not going to lie . Last years Lalji household pumpkin carving display was abysmal resulting in 2 cut fingers and mummy sat alone on the kitchen floor surrounded by pumpkin insides!!!!!

So this year I’m confessing i HATE  pumpkin carving. Its gooey , it stinks and its just a lot of mess

But mammas theres a new craft in town so put down those knives for this year its all about the Pumpkin decoration!!!!!

After a few hours scrolling through pinterest i found some amazing designs and today we’re going to be sharing a few with you ready for your happy halloween

We hope you have a much fun creating them as we did



So we start with our favourite  –  The Cinderella Princess Pumpkin

For this you’ll need

1 large Pumpkin

Paint brushes

Blue acrylic paint ( available from amazon )

Blue and silver gem stickers

Blue fake flowers ( available in the christmas section of most garden centres)

1 large princess tiara



please note it did take the paint overnight to dry – you can finish the pumpkin off with gems and silver decorations around the bottom



Next we decided to do a unicorn

for this you’ll need

1 pumpkin

Paint brushes

pink purple or white acrylic paint

sticky decals ( available from )

flymo moulding clay  – ( available at amazon )


How to decorate



Next we did a cheeky little ghost pumpkin for Paris

for this one you’ll need

1  pumpkin

Paint brushes

blue and white  and black acrylic paint

white flymo moulding clay

Another great idea is the confetti pumpkin

you’ll need

1 pumpkin

Paint brushes

white and pink acrylic paint


Coloured confetti

tTssue flowers

Keeping with the halloween theme we then decided to do a spooky spider pumpkin

you’ll need

1 pumpkin

white and black acrylic paint



Plastic spiders

And finally a simple decal pumpkin . We bought the personalised decals from

you’ll need

1 pumpkin


white acrylic paint

personalised decals

We had so much fun decorating these and we hope you do too


until next time – HAPPY HALLOWEEN


big kisses x Rach


PS – don’t forget to leave some comments and tell me what else you’d like to see on my blog


  1. Samantha says:

    This is an absolutely great idea, I hate the whole process and mess of pumpkin carving, I will definitely be doing this next year xxx

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