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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – The babystyle uk Hybrid stroller



Firstly without blowing my own trumpet after having three children and travelling the globe multiple times with them all in tow I now class myself as somewhat of a pram / travel system connoisseur.


Do I know everything about the ins and outs of these so called travel systems??? Hell no but what I do know is what mums and dads are looking for in a pram and how we need simplicity with a touch of style and class.


We need



Easy folding and assembling


Something light and easy to manoeuvre

Cost effective but expensive looking


Car compatible

Eye catching

And most importantly suitable for all our needs




 Ladies let me introduce you to the HYBRID stoller by Babystyle uk




Ok so let me be honest when this gorgeous ( and it is lovely looking) pram turned up on my doorstep I did think ok show me something I haven’t seen or used before ( and trust me I’ve seen and used a lot of prams )

And to my surprise that’s exactly what the Hybrid did.

Ahrrrr she’s being paid to say this is hear you say …… Actually I’m not. I’m just fed up of companies promising easiness and comfort and not really delivering.

So here is a little about why this product is my absolute must have in baby travel systems. This weeks 10 +


So let’s start with the overall look of the Pram;

Not only is it elegant, the beige soft lining of the seat gives it a classy feel. Detail on the wheels give it a sporty edge and the leather handle detail again put it up there in the luxury category.


Most importantly – COMFORT

This is the only pram my little boy has ever and will sleep in. The seat cocoons the baby into a snug enviroment and lies down flat for undisturbed rest. Creating a perfect sleep capsule for the little ones .The hood canopy retracts fully over to shade baby with a peep hole at the top for parent access.



Transporting the pram

O.K. to be absolutely honest with you I’m rubbish at getting prams up and down, so I did need to call upon you tube for a tutorial of the assembly and disassembly of the pram . Turns out it was super simple. With a pull of a lever on the undercarriage the pram folds and unfolds in one easy motion. Perfect when you need to pop out quick with baby in tow




Possibly the most mobile pram I’ve ever used. Although not the lightest of prams it’s in no ways heavy and can be easily pushed with one hand around corners while I was holding my two year olds hand. The pram is very sturdy across bumps and up and down street curbs and really holds the terrain it’s on.

An added extra is it comes with interchangeable wheels for city or country terrains.




It folds perfectly and fits into most car boots easily so all our car journeys have been easy. I chose not to take it on the plane as I have a lighter pram which I’m more happy to get thrown around but it would easily travel with a family.




It look me ages to realise the extra seat was actually a tandem ( I know ……..)

But the best part about this pram is that you can use it in tandem with either a bassinet or a seat unit


It also comes in seven lovely colours, is compatible with most leading car seat ranges ( I used maxi cosi ) and the best bit , it sits mid range in the price categories


£499 for The Edge

£449 for The City with accessories ranging from £18 to £129


I really cant recommend this pram highly enough. It’s become my day to day go to for the babies.


For more info and to purchase please click the links belo


See you next week when ill be discussing more fun mummy things



Lots of love Rach xxxxx


  1. Julie Hood says:

    I was JUST up researching strollers at like 3am (that’s what pregnant moms do, right?!) hahaha. This sounds like a great one!!!

    1. Rachael Lalji says:

      hahaha brilliant! that middle of the night online shopping never ends lol!

  2. candy says:

    All about easy set up and take down. Plenty of room for baby, kids and other stuff. Looks like a great stroller.

  3. Harmony, Momma To Go says:

    Im definitely passed this stage! I had a bugaboo with my first, and then a city mini double when my second came. Strollers have come a long way in the last 9 years since I got my bugaboo. I also used to live in NYC so having something portable is really important to the city mom crowd.

  4. Devon says:

    We are past the point of needing strollers for my kids but a major selling point when we looked at them was how easy they were to put up and down. This one looks great!

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