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Do you ever think what could happen if you just for one minute stepped out of your comfort zone and said yes to something  your gut was telling you to do ???? – Me too!!!

I recently read a book about a woman who only said yes to everything for a whole year and the amazing twists and turns her life took from each new and exciting adventure she embraced. A bit like feeling the fear and doing it anyway i guess. Did you know the majority of us never live outside our comfort zone!

And it got me thinking  – Could i do that?

Hang on!!!!! stop!!!!!  ( laughs out loudly )  –

I mean can you imagine saying only yes with 3 kids under 6 for a whole year!!!!!!!!! ( cue carnage and a mental breakdown and 3 ferrel children )

Jokes aside it made me realise that the past few years i’ve been scared to take chances . Maybe thats just natural to motherhood because since becoming a mummy i seem to be scared of everything . This last year especially i’ve found myself saying no so many more times than yes .

Anxiety , tiredness , lack of self confidence has seen me turning down opportunities and invites left right and centre. I have so many regrets  so much that i made a promise to myself to say yes once a day to something that scared me daily in 2018.

Now law of attraction says you manifest what you put out there and wow how right is that! Over the past few months I’ve been toying with the idea of a new job. Nothing to serious . Maybe a hobby i could monetise or something that involves my kids .

Luxe family 5 was born .  Now i love my little blog baby. Its a bit like therapy for me. They say a problem shared is a problem halved and not only am seeing benefits personally but also financially but theres been another something in the back grounf as well . A hobby I’m passionate about and thats fitness. Being an ex dancer that strive for physical perfection never leaves you . But how could i make a living from fitness without spending months in college training for a degree or without being away from my family ….. It seemed impossible  ….

Until today!!!

They say if you feel something is right in your gut you need to jump onboard and just learn along the way and today I’ve done just that.

One chance page find on Instagram which led to one comment which in turn led to a few personal messages and tonight a  meeting over zoom with a beautiful inspirational mummy 6,000 miles away resulting in a big fat YES from me to a wonderful opportunity which not only means i can stay at home with my babies but is everything and more i manifested in my perfect job!!!

All in all this year has started with me stepping out of that zone and taking in a leap into what my gut is telling me is right! And hey not only does it feel good I’m ok that what i don’t know i can just learn along the way!!!!!

There truly is something amazing about saying yes!!!! why not give it a try?????


In other news 

-It took me 5 hours but i finally manages to unpack my suitcases  – why i make my whole wardrobe on a 16 day holiday always baffles me yet ill never change

-I managed 3 of my 5k run ( could have gone further but id drunk way too much tea this morning and my bladder just  wasn’t playing ball _ mummy problems!!!! )

-We put Thandie into her first big bed today  – She hates it !!! I’ve currently walked her back into bed 30 times with no hope of this ending soon. Any advice on transitioning from a cot to a bed would be really appreciated mammas

Finally i managed without sugar until lunch today when i had a mild meltdown and hid in the toilet for 30 mins with a packet of red laces!

Yet all in all this mammas slowly getting her mojo back and it feels good!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow girls 

lots of love Rach xxx




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  1. Maria says:

    You truly amaze me and are a beautiful person inside and out! So incredibly excited to be by your side along this journey! It has only just begun mama. So very grateful our paths crossed!

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